Serialize and deserialize Php-Serialized strings

Basically the equivalent to the php-functions serialize and unserialize.


If you only need basic objects, simply run phpSerialize on any List, Map, String, int or double and send the resulting String to Php where it can be deserialized with unserialize().

The opposite direction is very similar. Just pass a String generated by Phps serialize()-function to phpDeserialize and get the resulting objects.

Advanced Usage: Objects

If you need additional Objects, which would be encoded with a leading O:, these functions require additional information which have to be provided to enable this functionality.

For every class that should be (de-)serializable there has to be an instance of PhpSerializationObjectInformation which contains the Fully Qualified Class Name from Php (the classname including the namespace), a method to convert a Dart-object to a list of properties and another method which does the opposite.


Converts Php-Serialized objects into Dart and vice versa