getAssetPathList method Null safety

Future<List<AssetPathEntity>> getAssetPathList(
  1. {bool hasAll = true,
  2. bool onlyAll = false,
  3. RequestType type = RequestType.common,
  4. FilterOptionGroup? filterOption}

Obtain albums/folders list with couple filter options.

To obtain albums list that contains the root album (generally named "Recent"), set hasAll to true.

To obtain only the root album in the list, set onlyAll to true.

To request multiple assets type, set type accordingly.

To filter assets with provided options, use filterOption.


static Future<List<AssetPathEntity>> getAssetPathList({
  bool hasAll = true,
  bool onlyAll = false,
  RequestType type = RequestType.common,
  FilterOptionGroup? filterOption,
}) async {
  return plugin.getAssetPathList(
    hasAll: hasAll,
    onlyAll: onlyAll,
    type: type,
    filterOption: filterOption,