Phonetic typing

A phonetic hindi typing package with regular english keyboard on desktop and on phones.


Getting Started

Flutter project to transliterate english to hindi language.


Transliterates english words to hindi. For convenience suggestions are also added to the TextField.

Features in example project:

It will automatically select and transliterate your typed word when spaceBar is pressed. As you type words and don't select a suggestion it will automatically pick and replace first word of suggestion as you hit spaceBar. You can create your own complex words by clicking on suggestions and appending string with the last selected words. For eg. सामा +न्+य will give you सामान्य


See the installation instructions on pub

Use it as follows:

  • totalSuggestions = transliterate.suggestions( name: name, sugg: sugSelected ); //This function will execute with a average time of 30ms.

    Where totalSuggestions will give you a list of suggestions,In which two parameters have to be passed i.e name(your TextField text or controller text) and sugg i.e the suggestion which user have selected.

  • Or you can directly pass string to String abc=transliterate.englishToHindi(String str);

    It is recommended to use totalSuggestions as some of the words are difficult to transliterate so you can construct your own words.

  • isWord() function is used to check last remained string which has not being transliterated(Words that are in english language).

Material Example 1:

///Function to perform task when any suggestion is being clicked
 onSuggsnSelected(suggestion) {
  sugSelected = suggestion.toString();  ///Selected suggestion
  String attch=transliterate.word(name);  ///To get the last word of 'name(your text)'

  start=name.length-attch.length;  ///Starting length of english words to be replaced
  end=name.length;                ///Ending length for replaceable word

  inputController.text = name.replaceRange(start, end, sugSelected); 
     ///Replace english word with hindi word selected

In this onSuggestionSelected method it will replace your english characters present at the end of your controller WITH selected suggestion. word(name)-> is checking for the english characters present at end of your TextField.

///Function for generating suggestion words
 suggsnCallBack(pattern) {
      ///first word selected from list of suggestions to be replaced
    ///Starting length of english words to be replaced
    end=name.length;  ///Ending length for replaceable word
            &&(name.split("").last==" ")
            &&(transliterate.isVC(name))){   ///Checks if english characters are there 
      if(sugFirst!=" "){
        ///if first suggestion word is not blank, replace it with selected suggestion 
        name = name.replaceRange(start, end, sugFirst)+" ";
        setState(() {
      final val = TextSelection.collapsed(offset: name.length);
      ///Put the cursor position to end
      inputController.selection = val;                 
  ///Gives the expected hindi output for name being passed(or typed word)
  totalSuggestions = transliterate.suggestions(  
    ///name:your text, sugg: your selected suggestion
          name: name, sugg: sugSelected
 ///return expected list of suggestions
  return totalSuggestions;

In this suggestionsCallback method it will return you the desired list of suggestion, from which if you found your word you can select it or click space or you can construct your own words by selecting individual matras and halants of characters. In the starting sugFirst is a variable which will be storing your first word of suggestion and totalSuggestions is list of your total suggestions. Again it will check for the condition that if you click space without selecting any word you will be given the first word of the list. isVC() func is checking if the last character of the TextField is english or not.If it is it will replace your word and if it isn't it will stay as it is.

At last name is the string of text that will be present in your textField or controller. totalSuggestions will give us all the list of the suggestions for your last word typed.

For any other issue take reference from the example folder.

Common Fixes

If desktop app is not rendering the hindi words properly Insert a tag in web/index.html file before the main.dart.js script. Set window.flutterWebRenderer to "html":

<script type="text/javascript">
    let useHtml = // ...
    if(useHtml) {
      window.flutterWebRenderer = "html";  
    } else {
      window.flutterWebRenderer = "canvaskit";
<script src="main.dart.js" type="application/javascript"></script>