Phantom Connect

Original Package from The original package no longer works so I updated it, specifically the dependencies it had with Solana.

  • Phantom Connect is a package that allows users to connect to Phantom Wallet from their Application.
  • This package is used to generate deeplink urls for Phantom Wallet to connect to your application.
  • This package was in active development.


This package has all these provider methods implemented for easy to use:

Getting Started

We need to have deeplink for our application for handling returned data from phantom.

A few resources to get you started:


To use this plugin, add phantom_connect as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

First and foremost, import the widget.

import 'package:phantom_connect/phantom_connect.dart';

Initialise the object with required Parameters.

  • appUrl A url used to fetch app metadata i.e. title, icon.
  • deepLink The URI where Phantom should redirect the user upon connection. Deep Link we used in our application.
  final PhantomConnect phantomConnect = PhantomConnect(
    appUrl: "", 
    deepLink: "dapp://",


A flutter plugin to connect phantom wallet from Mobile Application.