pub package

Important information

This package is under development.

This package will help you to get data from Pexels.


This package is able to fetch full details from Pexels.

Getting started

Use of this package is very easy. Inculde in your project pass your auth key and get the result.


Example is added. It's available to /example folder.

  PexelsMedia pexelsMedia =
      await PexelsMedia(authorizationKey: 'place your auth key here');
  Photo photo = await pexelsMedia.getPhoto('image Id');
  Video video = await pexelsMedia.getVideo('video Id');
  Curated curated = await pexelsMedia.getCuratedPhotos(1,1);
  SearchPhoto searchResultPhotos = await pexelsMedia.searchPhotos("search text");
  SearchVideo searchResultVideos = await pexelsMedia.searchVideos("search text");

Special Thanks to javiercbk, NatoBoram and jonathanBAugusto for json_to_dart