Persian Modal Date Picker

Persian_Modal_Date_Picker is a modal date picker which is used to select Jalali date.

  • Jalali Date
  • Set initial date
  • Forward/backward selector
  • Use custom validator for date


await showPersianDatePicker(
      (context, Date date) async {
        setState(() {
          _selectedDate = date;
      forwardYear: true,
      border: BorderRadius.only(
          topRight: Radius.circular(15), topLeft: Radius.circular(15)),
      validate: (ctx, date) {
        return date.year < 1402;
      submitButtonStyle: defaultButtonsStyle.copyWith(
        text: 'انتخاب',
        backgroundColor: Colors.blueAccent,
        radius: 10,


showPersianDatePicker(context, onSubmit, {/* ohter optional parameter*/});

Parameters Type Is Required Description
context BuildContext Yes
onSubmit Future Yes Callback function when a date is selected
initYear int No Initial the Date Picker with optional date. Note that, this works when initMonth and initDay are provided.
initMonth int No As the same as initYear
initDay int No As the same as initYear
border BorderRadiusGeometry No Optional BorderRadius
yearDirection YearDirection No select year direction. Values are YearDirection.backward, YearDirection.forward and YearDirection.both
backgroundColor Color No
margin EdgeInsets No Date Picker margin
submitButtonStyle ButtonsStyle No Style of submit bottom
cancelButtonStyle ButtonsStyle No Style of cancel bottom
validate bool Function(BuildContext context, Jalali date) No You can provide a validate function to check if the selected date is correct or not

The ButtonsStyle class

Parameters Type Is Required Description
backgroundColor Color No Default value is Colors.white
textColor Color No Default value is
radius double No Default value is 5.0
visible bool No Default value is true
text String Yes Default value is ''

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