pub package

Utilities and Humanizer for Persian language and culture.


  • PersianDate class which converts a DateTime to Jalali date.
  • String corrections replacing ي with ی and ك with ک.
  • Humanize numbers to Persian text: 123 => صد و بیست و سه.
  • Convert numbers to Persian numbers: 123 => ۱۲۳.
  • Can be used in Dart and Flutter projects.
  • Supports all platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web).

Getting Started

In your pubspec.yaml file add:

  persian: any


Import the package:

import 'package:persian/persian.dart';

Then, use the extension methods:

String myText = '123456789';
String myPersianText = myText.withPersianNumbers(); //Will be ۱۲۳۴۵۶۷۸۹
DateTime myDate =;
PersianDate myPersianDate = myDate.toPersian(); //Will be 1398/10/19
int number = 123456789;
String myPersianNumber = number.toPersianString(); //Will be صد و بیست و سه میلیون و چهارصد و پنجاه و شش هزار و هفتصد و هشتاد و نه