pub package

The Tizen implementation of permisson_handler.

You can use this plugin to ask the user for runtime permissions if your app performs security-sensitive operations or access restricted data.


  1. Declare necessary privileges in your tizen-manifest.xml file by referring to the below permission list. For example, if you want to access the device's media library in your Flutter app, add:

  2. Add permission_handler and permission_handler_tizen as dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file.

      permission_handler: ^10.4.3
      permission_handler_tizen: ^1.3.0

    Then you can import permission_handler in your Dart code:

    import 'package:permission_handler/permission_handler.dart';

    For detailed usage, see

List of permissions

Permission Tizen permission Tizen privileges
Permission.calendar Calendar Camera Contacts
Permission.mediaLibrary Storage
Permission.microphone Microphone Call
Permission.sms Message Storage

The following permissions are not applicable for Tizen:

  • Android-only: accessMediaLocation, accessNotificationPolicy, activityRecognition, audio, bluetoothAdvertise, bluetoothConnect, bluetoothScan, ignoreBatteryOptimizations, manageExternalStorage, nearbyWifiDevices, requestInstallPackages, scheduleExactAlarm, systemAlertWindow, videos
  • iOS-only: appTrackingTransparency, criticalAlerts, photosAddOnly, reminders, speech

On Tizen, your app can use some security-sensitive features (such as bluetooth) without explicitly acquiring permissions. However, you might need to declare relevant privileges in its tizen-manifest.xml file. For detailed information on Tizen privileges, see Tizen Docs: API Privileges.

Supported devices

  • Galaxy Watch series (running Tizen 5.5)

On TV devices, you don't need to explicitly request permissions since they are already granted to apps by default.

Supported APIs

  • x Permission.status (including shortcuts such as Permission.isGranted and Permission.isPermanentlyDenied)
  • x Permission.serviceStatus
  • Permission.shouldShowRequestRationale (Android-only)
  • x Permission.request
  • x List<Permission>.request
  • x openAppSettings (not supported on emulators)