FuturePermissionStatusGetters extension

Utility getter extensions for the Future<PermissionStatus> type.



isDenied Future<bool>
If the user denied access to the requested feature.
no setter
isGranted Future<bool>
If the user granted access to the requested feature.
no setter
isLimited Future<bool>
If the user has authorized this application for limited access. So far this is only relevant for the Photo Library picker.
no setter
isPermanentlyDenied Future<bool>
If the permission to the requested feature is permanently denied, the permission dialog will not be shown when requesting this permission. The user may still change the permission status in the settings.
no setter
isProvisional Future<bool>
If the application is provisionally authorized to post non-interruptive user notifications.
no setter
isRestricted Future<bool>
If the OS denied access to the requested feature. The user cannot change this app's status, possibly due to active restrictions such as parental controls being in place.
no setter