A flutter library to easily use Peppermint functionality.

The most common usage of Web3 Wallet is to generate wallet address (public key) and private key. Peppermint SDK makes it easy to do it without much complexity to manually implement other web3 packages. This package also store the keys safely using flutter_secure_storage.

In future, this package is a bridge to use Peppermint’s functionality with ease.


  1. Generate wallet address (public key) and private key
  2. Get current wallet address
  3. Get current private key


Import package:peppermint_sdk/peppermint_sdk.dart, instantiate WalletManager.

import 'package:peppermint_sdk/peppermint_sdk.dart';    

WalletManager manager = WalletManager();  

// generate new wallet
WalletKeys keys = manager.createWallet();  

// generate wallet from existing private key
String walletAddress = await manager.restoreWallet('enter your private key here')

// get current wallet address
String walletAddress = await manager.getPublicKey();

// get current private key
String walletAddress = await manager.getPrivateKey();

This library manage only 1 private key and public key per device.