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This plugin allows for continuous step counting and pedestrian status using the built-in pedometer sensor API of iOS and Android devices.

Permissions for Android

For Android 10 and above add the following permission to the Android manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION" />

Permissions for iOS

Add the following entries to your Info.plist file in the Runner xcode project:

<string>This application tracks your steps</string>

Step Count

The step count represents the number of steps taken since the last system boot. On Android, any steps taken before installing the application will not be counted.

Pedestrian Status

The Pedestrian status is either walking or stopped. In the case that of an error, the status will be unknown.

Availability of Sensors

Both Step Count and Pedestrian Status may not be available on some phones:

  • It was found that some Samsung phones did not support Step Count or Pedestrian Status
  • Older iPhones did not support Pedestrian Status in particular

There is nothing we can do to solve this problem, unfortunately.

In the case that a sensor is not available, an error will be thrown. It is important that you handle this error yourself.

Example Usage

See the example app for a fully-fledged example.

Below is shown a more generalized example. Remember to set the required permissions, as described above.

  Stream<StepCount> _stepCountStream;
  Stream<PedestrianStatus> _pedestrianStatusStream;

  void onStepCount(StepCount event) {
    /// Handle step count changed
    int steps = event.steps;
    DateTime timeStamp = event.timeStamp;

  void onPedestrianStatusChanged(PedestrianStatus event) {
    /// Handle status changed
    String status = event.status;
    DateTime timeStamp = event.timeStamp;

  void onPedestrianStatusError(error) {
    /// Handle the error

  void onStepCountError(error) {
    /// Handle the error

  Future<void> initPlatformState() async {
    /// Init streams
    _pedestrianStatusStream = await Pedometer.pedestrianStatusStream;
    _stepCountStream = await Pedometer.stepCountStream;

    /// Listen to streams and handle errors