pdf_render_widgets library Null safety


PdfDocumentLoader is a Widget that used to load arbitrary PDF document and manages PdfDocument instance.
Widget to render a page of PDF document. Normally used in combination with PdfDocumentLoader.
A PDF viewer implementation with user interactive zooming support.
Controller for PdfViewer. It is derived from TransformationController and basically compatible to ValueNotifier<Matrix4>. So you can pass it to ValueListenableBuilder<Matrix4> or such to receive any view status changes.


Page loading status.


BuildPageContentFunc = Widget Function(BuildContext context, int pageNumber, Rect pageRect)
LayoutPagesFunc = List<Rect> Function(Size contentViewSize, List<Size> pageSizes)
OnError = void Function(dynamic)
Error handler.
OnPdfViewerControllerInitialized = void Function(PdfViewerController?)
PdfDocumentBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, PdfDocument? pdfDocument, int pageCount)
Function definition to build widget tree for a PDF document. [...]
PdfPageBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, PdfPageTextureBuilder textureBuilder, Size pageSize)
Function definition to build widget tree corresponding to a PDF page. [...]
PdfPagePlaceholderBuilder = Widget Function(Size size, PdfPageStatus status)
Creates page placeholder that is shown on page loading or even page load failure.
PdfPageTextureBuilder = Widget Function({bool backgroundFill, PdfPagePlaceholderBuilder? placeholderBuilder, double? renderingPixelRatio, Size? size})
Function definition to generate the actual widget that contains rendered PDF page image. [...]