pub package codecov


Getting your test coverage through flutter test --coverage can be a bit misleading, since this will only take the files into account that you touched in your tests. With pcov you can get the actual coverage of your project, including untested files, as well as exclude files based on name or content. This can come in handy for things like generated files or widgets for example.

Getting Started

Install the latest Pcov version as a global package via Pub.

dart pub global activate pcov

# Or specify a specific version if needed:
# pub global activate pcov 1.0.0

Running tests

Running tests with Pcov can be done by suppyling your command to pcov using the --test-command option:

pcov --test-command="flutter test --coverage"

Excluding files

Excluding files while running tests with pcov can be done by adding a pcov.yml file to the root of your project. You can then exclude files by:

  • File name
  • File content

You can use * as wildcards just like you would normally do in your .gitignore file for example.

    - '*.g.dart'
    - '*.freezed.dart'
    - 'class * extends StatelessWidget *'
    - 'class * extends StatefulWidget *'