Flutter PayUMoney Pro SDK

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Flutter Plugin to implement PayUMoney Latest CheckoutPro SDK in Android & iOS App.



Note: This Plugin is in initial release. Please test it well before using it in production app.

Step 1: Android Implementation

There are few steps you need to follow to implement PayUMoney SDK:

  • Open file android/app/build.gradle in your flutter project and update minSdkVersion under "defaultConfig" to 21 (if greater than leave)

  • Open AndroidManifest.xml located at android/app/src/main and add following code:


<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

xmlns:tools="http://schemas.android.com/tools" <--- paste here


also add this code:





tools:replace="android:label" <-- Paste here


Step 2: iOS Implementation

<-- No additional steps required for iOS -->

Step 3: Flutter Implementation

Run this command in project terminal to add dependency

flutter pub add payumoney_pro_unofficial

or add manually to pubspecs.yaml

payumoney_pro_unofficial: ^0.0.9

Get latest packages

flutter pub get

Import package to by adding this line at the top

import  'package:payumoney_pro_unofficial/payumoney_pro_unofficial.dart';

Copy and paste this code

Future<void> initializePayment() async{

final response= await  PayumoneyProUnofficial.payUParams(

email: '<Customer Email>',

firstName: '<Customer Name>',

merchantName: '<Merchant Name>',

isProduction: true,

merchantKey: '<Merchant Key>',

merchantSalt: '<Merchant Salt Version 1>',

amount: '<Amount in Rs>',

hashUrl:'<Checksum URL to generate dynamic hashes>', //nodejs code is included. Host the code and update its url here.

productInfo: '<Product Name>',

transactionId: '<Unique ID>',


showLogs:false, // true for debugging, false for production

userCredentials:'<Merchant Key>:' + '<Customer Email or User ID>',

userPhoneNumber: phone


if (response['status'] == PayUParams.success)


if (response['status'] == PayUParams.failed)




//Implement Your Success Logic


handlePaymentFailure(String errorMessage){


//Implement Your Failed Payment Logic


Tested Devices:

Device Name Status
iPhoneX :white_check_mark:
iPhone 11 :white_check_mark:
iPhone 12 :white_check_mark:
iPhone 12 mini :white_check_mark:
Google Pixel :white_check_mark:
Android Emulator(v10) :white_check_mark:

Pro Tip:

  1. Always make sure you validate Phone number(Must be 10 Digits) else payment page might not appear.

  2. Avoid hardcoded credentials.

  3. Always generate unique transaction id for each transaction.

  4. Store Transaction & Details to database for later analysis or usage.

For any issue please write to contact@orangewp.com

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