PayString is a simple, web-based protocol designed to make it as easy to send someone money as it is to send them an email. With the PayString protocol, you use human-readable addresses to transmit value in the currency of your choice. The PayString network allows participants to reach one another through standardized addresses. An address such as alice$ maps to the corresponding URL

When you make an HTTP GET request that follows the PayString protocol, it resolves to an address on the underlying payment network. PayString is a payment-network-agnostic protocol, capable of sending payments in BTC, ETH, XRP, or fiat networks like ACH.

PayString is fully peer-to-peer with no central counterparty. Anyone can set up their own PayString server or integrate with a trustless blockchain solution so they have no counterparty risk.

The PayString protocol is designed to be simple, general, open, and universal. This makes it composable with any other existing namespace, including blockchain namespace projects like ENS and Unstoppable Domains or app-specific usernames. Anyone with an existing username or address can get a PayString address that works across all platforms.