Payjoin Flutter

A Flutter library for the Payjoin Dev Kit.

How to Use

To use the payjoin_flutter package in your project, add it as a dependency in your project's pubspec.yaml:

payjoin_flutter: 0.13.0


  • Flutter : 3.0 or higher
  • Android minSdkVersion. : API 23 or higher.
  • Deployment target : iOS 12.0 or greater.

Build and run code

First we need to set up the bitcoin core and esplora locally in the regtest network. If you don't have these, please refer to this page. Or you can install Nigiri Bitcoin, which is a tool designed to simplify the process of running local instances of Bitcoin and Liquid networks for development and testing purposes. You can refer to this link, to install it on your local machine.

Once the nigiri bitcoin starts running, you need to mine a few blocks. Please refer to the following link on how to mine blocks.

Before running the integration tests, please replace following snippet in example/integration_test/bitcoin_core_full_cycle_test.dart with your nigiri bitcoin core credentials.

    // Bitcoin core credentials
    String rpcUser = "admin1";
    String rpcPassword = "123";
    int rpcPort = 18443;

Running the integration tests

Once we have set up the Bitcoin core properly in the Regtest network,

git clone
cd payjoin-flutter

cd example
#Run integration tests with bitcoin_core and bdk_flutter
flutter test integration_test