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Welcome to The Pay Unit Flutter SDK Seamlessly accept and manage payments in your app

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Pay Unit SDK Package facilitates the intergration of payments on your applications with a single button and on the go.


Run this command:

With dart

dart pub add pay_unit_sdk 

With Flutter

flutter pub add pay_unit_sdk


  pay_unit_sdk: ^3.1.5

Import package

import 'package:pay_unit_sdk/pay_unit_sdk.dart';

Add mavenCentral() to your project

  • Add mavenCentral() to allprojects in gradle > build.gradle .
allprojects {
    repositories {
        mavenCentral() <---

Add the PayUnitButton

              apiUser: "Your apiuser>",
              apiPassword:  "<Your apiPassword>",
              apiKey: "<Your apiKey>",
              transactionId: "<The id of your transaction>",
              mode: 'sandbox',
              transactionCallBackUrl:"<Your transactionCallBackUrl url>",
              notiFyUrl: "<Your notification url>",
              transactionAmount: "<Your transaction amount>",
              buttonTextColor: Colors.white,
              productName:"<The name of the product>",
              color: Colors.teal
              actionAfterProccess: (transactionId, transactionStatus) {
               a callback that has both transaction id and transaction status

PayUnit Button Parameters

  • apiUser : Your apiuser is provided on your payunit dashboard and looks like "payunit_xxxxxxxx"
  • Mode : Your Mode can either be sandbox or live.
  • Currency : The currency of your transaction : XAF for FCFA or USD for $ ect ...
  • buttonTextColor: Custom the color of the text PayUnit button
  • color : Use this to customise the colors of the PayUnit Button
  • actionAfterProccess : here is the action who start after the end of the paiement , you can perform some operation here , like display a alertDialog after the end of the payment.
  • transactionId and transactionStatus are callBack parameters of the actionAfterProccess function , don't modify them .

Heads Up

  • FOR FLUTTER VERSION < 2.x ==> 2.0.4 without Cupertino package because the package already has it
  • Make sure the icon of your app is locate is like @mipmap/ic_launcher . to get the PayUnit sdk notification in your app after every transaction
  • NEW Pay_unit_sdk VERSION 2.0.7 ==> Support Flutter 2.x
  • To use this package, all you need to do is follow the instruction bellow, Please Download the recent version of the SDK
  • minSdkVersion 19
  • Use flutter sdk v.1.22.0 +


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