Flutter Password stepper



This package allows you to draw password stepper with Flutter.

Weak Password View


Average Password View


Strong Password View



Parameter Default Description
passwordText '' Creates a passwordText for an listener for your text
textWeak Weak Creates a textWeak for an your weak text String
textAverage Average Creates a textWeak for an your Average text String
textStrong Strong Creates a textWeak for an your Strong text String
colorWeak Creates a colorWeak for an your Weak text color
colorAverage Creates a colorAverage for an your Average text color
colorStrong Creates a colorStrong for an your Strong text color
colorUnSelect Colors.grey Creates a colorUnSelect for an your color Un Select
textStyle TextStyle(fontSize: 13, color: getStatusColor(), fontWeight: FontWeight.bold) Creates a textStyle for an your Text Style
numberRegExp RegExp(r'.0-9.') Creates a numberRegExp for an your number RegExp
letterRegExp RegExp(r'.A-Za-z.') Creates a letterRegExp for an your letter RegExp

This can be used without parameters.

import 'package:password_stepper/view_password_stepper.dart';

ViewPasswordStepper(passwordText: 'abc')


The sample code can be found under the example package. You can try changing all parameters.

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