A package to generate strong passwords. Also comes with an extension for checking the strength of a password.


You can use this package in your dart or flutter projects to:

  • Generate strong passwords.
  • Check the strength of any password.

Getting started

The package should work out of the box after installing and importing it.


The following example demonstrates how to use the package properly:

// We first import the package
import 'package:password_generator/src/password_generator.dart';

void main() {
  // Then we initialize the PasswordGenerator class
  final _passwordGenerator = PasswordGenerator(
    length: 21,
    hasCapitalLetters: true,
    hasNumbers: true,
    hasSmallLetters: true,
    hasSymbols: true,

  // We call the generatePassword method on the PasswordGenerator instance
  // that returns a String.
  final String _password = _passwordGenerator.generatePassword();

  // If we like, we can check the strength of the password by calling the checkStrength method
  // which is an extension of the String type to enable us to use it without 
  // initializing the PasswordGenerator class.
  final double _entropy = _password.checkStrength();

  // We then check the entropy value and print information related to the specified ranges.
  if (_entropy >= 128) {
    print('Extremely Strong.');
  } else if (_entropy >= 60) {
    print('Very Strong.');
  } else if (_entropy >= 36) {
  } else if (_entropy >= 28) {
  } else if (_entropy >= 18) {
  } else {
    print("Extremely Weak.");


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