Parallax Sensors Bg

Get a parallax effect in the background of a page that responds to a corresponding sensor detection (Accelerometer, Gyroscope, User accelerometer, Magnetometer)

Note: Accelerometer is preferred over other sensors.


  • Supports 4 sensors: Accelerometer, User Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer.
  • Simplified use of image.
  • Predefined filters for image: Blur and darken.
  • Any widgets can be used as a layer.
  • Can lock or reverse the movement of any axis.
  • Many parameters for precise customization.

Getting started

Add dependency in pubspec.yaml and run flutter pub get

  parallax_sensors_bg: ^1.0.0

Now import the package in your code:

import 'package:parallax_sensors_bg/parallax_sensors_bg.dart';


Use it in the Scaffold body

  sensors: ParallaxSensor.accelerometer,
  layers: [
      sensitivity: 1,
      image: NetworkImage(''),
      preventCrop: true,
      imageBlurValue: 5,
      sensitivity: 7,
      image: AssetImage('assets/middle_layer.png'),
      imageHeight: 500,
      imageFit: BoxFit.fitHeight,
      sensitivity: 12,
      child: Text('Topmost layer'),
  child: Text('Page body here'),

Parallax class arguments:

Argument Type Default Description
sensor ParallaxSensor ParallaxSensor.accelerometer Type of the sensor whose detected values will be used for parallax movement. (accelerometer, userAccelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer).
layers List<Layer> required Individual layers for the parallax effect. The declaration of the layers sequentially are positioned from bottom to top (Farthest to nearest from parallax perspective).
reverseVerticalAxis bool false Reverses the movement of vertical axis.
reverseHorizontalAxis bool false Reverses the movement of horizontal axis.
lockVerticalAxis bool false Stops the movement of vertical axis.
lockHorizontalAxis bool false Stops the movement of horizontal axis.
animationDuration int 300 The duration in milliseconds it takes for the movement change to complete. Ideal value is from 200 to 400.
child Widget? null The fixed body of the page, above the parallax layer.

Layer class arguments:

Argument Type Default Description
sensitivity double required Moving sensitivity of the layer.
offset Offset? null Position of the layer from the center.
image ImageProvider<Object>? null Image that the layer will show. By default, the image will take the size of the screen.
imageFit BoxFit BoxFit.cover BoxFit type of the image.
imageHeight double? null Height of the image.
imageWidth double? null Width of the image.
preventCrop bool false If set to true, it will ignore the imageHeight and imageWidth if given and will set the height and width of the image slightly more than the screen size such that it doesn't get cropped even at the extreme value of the sensor.
imageBlurValue double? null Blurs the image. Value can be any positive fractional number.
imageDarkenValue double? null Darkens the image. Value ranges from 0 to 1.
opacity double? null Opacity of the layer. Value ranges from 0 to 1.