Warning: Beta


Pub Version (including pre-releases)

Panels is a flutter package that aims to provide a set of useful desktop UI panels that can move around, dock and tab like we expect in more robust desktop applications.


  • x Draggable Panels
  • x Resizable Panels
  • x Correct Mosue Cursor
  • x Tabs in Panels
  • Make all Panels dockable into each other
  • Custom panel themes
    • x Customizable close button
    • x Customizable context menu
    • Customizable tabs
    • x Customizable frame
    • Customizable top bar


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Default Theme

ThemeData.light() ThemeData.dark()
image image


ThemeData.light() ThemeData.dark()
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Under the hood

There are 10 Mouse Regions and listeners (All sides and corners + The big one in the middle + the draggable) that change the look of the mouse according to their function. Windows can be clicked on in any of these regions to become selected (put on top).

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There is an InheritedWidget called Panels which is created by a StatefulWidget called PanelsManager. The children of the panels manager are put into a stack. To add Panels/Windows one can simply do Panels.of(context).addPanel(widget: Widget, title: "Title of Panel"); to create one from any Widget from anywhere in a context that is a decendant of the PanelsManager (Panels).

Please see the examples directory for an example.