pub package

A common platform interface for the pallycon_drm_sdk plugin.

This interface allows platform-specific implementations of the pallycon_drm_sdk plugin, as well as the plugin itself, to ensure they are supporting the same interface. Have a look at the Federated plugins section of the official Developing packages & plugins documentation for more information regarding the federated architecture concept.


To create a new platform-specific implementation for the pallycon_drm_sdk plugin, you can create a new class that extends the pallycon_drm_sdk package, and implements the platform-specific behavior. When you register your plugin, you can set it as the default implementation by assigning it to PallyConDrmSdk.instance like so: PallyConDrmSdk.instance = MyPlatformPallyConDrmSdk()."


If you encounter any issues, bugs, or have any feature requests, please file them as an issue on the GitHub page. We also offer commercial support and can be reached at <>.


This PallyConDrmSdk plugin for Flutter is developed by InkaEntworks.