Pagination in Firestore

This package is an updated version of the original paginate_firestore. The original package, developed by Venkatesh Prasad, is no longer being actively maintained.

We have taken the initiative to update and enhance this package to ensure its continued functionality and compatibility with the latest versions of Firestore and its dependencies.

pub package style: effective dart License: MIT


Use the same setup used for cloud_firestore_plus package (or follow this).


In your pubspec.yaml

  paginate_firestore_plus: # latest version

Import it

import 'package:paginate_firestore/paginate_firestore_plus.dart';

Implement it

        //item builder type is compulsory.
        itemBuilder: (context, documentSnapshots, index) {
          final data = documentSnapshots[index].data() as Map?;
          return ListTile(
            leading: CircleAvatar(child: Icon(Icons.person)),
            title: data == null ? Text('Error in data') : Text(data['name']),
            subtitle: Text(documentSnapshots[index].id),
        // orderBy is compulsory to enable pagination
        query: FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection('users').orderBy('name'),
        //Change types accordingly
        itemBuilderType: PaginateBuilderType.listView,
        // to fetch real-time data
        isLive: true,

To use with listeners:

      PaginateRefreshedChangeListener refreshChangeListener = PaginateRefreshedChangeListener();

        child: PaginateFirestore(
          itemBuilder: (context, documentSnapshots, index) => ListTile(
            leading: CircleAvatar(child: Icon(Icons.person)),
            title: Text(documentSnapshots[index].data()['name']),
            subtitle: Text(documentSnapshots[index].id),
          // orderBy is compulsary to enable pagination
          query: Firestore.instance.collection('users').orderBy('name'),
          listeners: [
        onRefresh: () async {
          refreshChangeListener.refreshed = true;


Feel free to contribute to this project.

If you find a bug or want a feature, but don't know how to fix/implement it, please fill an issue. If you fixed a bug or implemented a feature, please send a pull request.

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All credit for the initial development of this package goes to Venkatesh Prasad and all other contributors. Without their hard work and dedication, this updated version would not have been possible. We are deeply grateful for their contributions and hope to honor their efforts with this updated release.