Page Transition Effects

Null-Safety, Dart 3, with zero external dependencies

IOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Web, Windows ready

DescripciĆ³nBeautiful animations for Page Transition. Supports PushReplacement.

Getting Started

This package is simple to use. Every single animation contains default values that look beautiful, but you can change properties to accomplish your needs.


  • FadeIn
  • SlideUp
  • SlideDown
  • SlideLeft
  • SlideRight

Example: 01-Basic

home: Scaffold(
    body: Center(

        child: ElevatedButton(
            onPressed: () => PageTransitionEffects(
                context: context,
                page: const MyThirdPage(),
                animation: AnimationType.slideDown,
                duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 800),
                replacement: true,
            child: const Text('Go to Next Page'),