Page Indicator Plus

The Page Indicator Plus library was developed as an alternative to the deprecated package flutter_page_indicator. It provides an easy way to add animated page indicators in projects that use PageController, making development with PageViews and similar components easier.

How to Use:

To use the Page Indicator Plus library, you will need a PageController and the total number of pages you have.

final int _pageCount = 5;
final PageController _pageController = PageController(
  initialPage: 0,

Next, add the PageIndicator widget to your page display widget (e.g., a PageView) and configure the parameters according to your needs.

  controller: _pageController,
  count: _pageCount,
  size: 8,
  layout: PageIndicatorLayout.WARM,
  color: Colors.grey,
  scale: 0.65,
  space: 10,

The configuration parameters are:

  • controller (required): The page controller you are using for the page display widget;
  • count (required): the total number of pages.
  • size (optional, default: 5.0): the size of the page indicators.
  • layout (optional, default: PageIndicatorLayout.SLIDE): the layout of the - page indicators (can be PageIndicatorLayout.NONE, PageIndicatorLayout.DROP, PageIndicatorLayout.SLIDE , PageIndicatorLayout.COLOR , PageIndicatorLayout.SCALE, or PageIndicatorLayout.WARM ).
  • color (optional, default: Colors.grey): the color of inactive page indicators.
  • activeColor (optional, default: the color of the active - page indicator.
  • scale (optional, default: 0.6): the scale of the page indicators.
  • space (optional, default: 5.0): the space between page indicators.
  • dropHeight (optional, default: 20.0): the height of the page indicator when layout is PageIndicatorLayout.DROP.

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If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to open an issue or submit a pull request to the GitHub repository of the library