Padder is a Flutter package of simple padding widgets.

Sick of typing padding boilerplate like this?

new Padding(padding: new EdgeInsets.only(top: 16.0), child: myWidget);

Then Padder is for you!

Padder contains widgets such as PaddingTop that transform the line above into:

new PaddingTop(16.0, myWidget)

It may not seem like much but when tweaking Flutter layouts all day long, Padder widgets are much easier to use and remember!


  • PaddingAll
  • PaddingTop
  • PaddingLeft
  • PaddingRight
  • PaddingVertical
  • PaddingHorizontal
  • PaddingSymmetrical

Padder also has Sliver variants of all the widgets above


Dry Run:

flutter packages pub publish --dry-run

To publish:

flutter packages pub publish