Turning your worst nightmare into a Dart package.

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This is a Dart port of mohan-cao's owoify-js, which will help you turn any string into nonsensical babyspeak similar to LeafySweet's infamous Chrome extension.

Just like my other Owoify ports, three levels of owoness are available:

  1. owo (default): The most vanilla one.
  2. uwu: The moderate one.
  3. uvu: Litewawwy unweadabwal.

Please refer to the original owoify-js repository for more information.

Seriously, if you have seen my other ports, you probably have already known the details.

Reason for development

Because pub.dev doesn't have any owoify package. And since I have already ported it to several languages, I might as well just keep porting it.

Install instructions

Add it to your pubspec.yaml file:

  owoify_dart: ^2.0.1

And run this command in your command line:

pub get

Alternative, if you are using Flutter:

flutter pub get


owoify_dart is implemented as a static function of the class Owoifier. That means you don't need to create an instance for the class; instead, just call the method owoify with the class name.

import 'package:owoify_dart/owoify_dart.dart';

void main() {
  print(Owoifier.owoify('This is the string to owo! Kinda cute isn\'t it?'));
  print(Owoifier.owoify('This is the string to owo! Kinda cute isn\'t it?', level: OwoifyLevel.Uvu));

Please refer to the example.


As usual, I'm writing this package for both practicing and bots' needs. Performance is NOT guaranteed.

That being said, all regular expressions are compiled beforehand rather than being compiled inside a function. That should be able to avoid the performance cost of building regular expressions every time the method is called.

See also

  • owoify-js - The original owoify-js repository.
  • Owoify.Net - The C# port of Owoify written by me.
  • Owoify++ - The C++ header-only port of Owoify written by me.
  • owoify_rs - The Rust port of Owoify written by me.
  • owoify-py - The Python port of Owoify written by me.


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