Owesome_validator ✔️

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A flutter package for make your life easy. This package is used for validation.

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This Package is open for contributions.


To use this plugin, add owesome_validator as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Getting Started

  • First import a package into your file.

  • After importing, we are able to get the built-in methods

    • Name Validation 📛
           OwesomeValidator.name(name, OwesomeValidator.patternNameOnlyChar);
    • Email Validation ✉️
           OwesomeValidator.email(email, OwesomeValidator.patternEmail);
    • Phone Validation 📞
           OwesomeValidator.phone(phone, OwesomeValidator.patternPhone);
    • password 🔑
          OwesomeValidator.password(password, OwesomeValidator.passwordMinLen8withCamelAndSpecialChar)


You can pass your custom regex for validation. This package will be improved more by time to time