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Provider support for overlay, make it easy to build toast and In-App notification.

this library support ALL platform


If you want to see the ui effect of this library, just click here https://boyan01.github.io/overlay_support/#/

How To Use

  1. add dependencies into you project pubspec.yaml file

         overlay_support: latest_version
    • the latest version is Pub
    • For project without migrate to null safety, please use version overlay_support: 1.0.5-hotfix1
    • For project works for flutter 2.x, please use version overlay_support: ^1.2.1
  2. wrap your AppWidget with OverlaySupport

  return OverlaySupport.global(child: MaterialApp());
  1. show toast or simple notifications
import 'package:overlay_support/overlay_support.dart';

void onClick() {
    // popup a toast.
    toast('Hello world!');

    // show a notification at top of screen.
        Text("this is a message from simple notification"),
        background: Colors.green);

more instructions check here : example/README.md


see License File


if you have some suggestion or advice, please open an issue to let me known. This will greatly help the improvement of the usability of this project. Thanks.