⏩A Flutter widget that scrolls its child widget infinitely. It provides many customization options, such as custom scroll directions, durations, curves, and pauses after each round.

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This is a minimalistic example:

OverFlowAnimation( child: const Text('Hi i am flutter developer'), );

And here's a piece of code that makes full use of the OverFlowAnimations's customizable:


width: 50,

child: OverFlowAnimation(

backCurve: Curves.linear,

backDuration: const Duration(milliseconds: 1),

startCurve: Curves.linear,

pauseDuration: const Duration(milliseconds: 1),

animationDuration: const Duration(seconds: 3),

direction: Axis.horizontal,

child: const Text('Hi i am flutter developer'),

), );`

Properties Type Required Default
backCurve Curve false Curves.bounceInOut
backDuration Duration false Duration(microseconds: 800)
startCurve Curve false Curves.linear
pauseDuration Duration false Duration(microseconds: 800)
animationDuration Duration false Duration(microseconds: 600)
direction Axis false Axis.horizontal
child widget false /