This package provides the 'outline' theme of icons on the Material Design website, which is not available in Flutter or as a .ttf font file.


These icons were downloaded in September 2018, they may be updated in the future.


Add the package to pubspec.yaml and use the OMIcons class.

  Widget build(BuildContext context) => Icon(OMIcons.sentimentSatisfied);

Browse available icons using the example app or the Material Design icons website above.

There is a Map<String, int> of snake_case icon names to codepoints if you want to list all the icons. See the example app code for how. Using the OMIcons class directly is preferable in most cases.

Changes and omissions

All 'partly filled' icons are removed due to single colour restriction for .ttf fonts. This includes partly-filled battery icons and not-full-strength wifi/reception icons.

Icons with an underline have had the line made solid: border_color, format_color_fill and format_color_text.

These icons were renamed to avoid Dart errors/clashes: 360 -> icon360, class -> classIcon, sync -> syncIcon

Getting Started

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