Flutter Over The Air String

Source code generator to help create multi-language string translation with update over the air without any charges.

Getting Started

##1. Class for String Create new class for your translation and put default value for every String and put @OtaStringClass annotation to generate the translation.

part 'app_localize.g.dart';

    translationServer: 'your translation json',
    languageKey: ['en', 'zh', 'tlh']
class AppLocalize {
  final String _hello = 'DefaultHello';
  final String _name_location = 'Default My Name is {name}, Im from {location}';

For this first version you only can follow this format of Json to be able to update your String.

Here's the sample JSON to update String :

          "name_location":"My name is {name} born in {location}"
          "name_location":"我叫 {name} 出生在 {location}"
          "hello":"Tar lIch...",
          "name_location":"'oH pongwIj'e' {name} bogh {location}"

##2. Run Build Runner Run the build runner to generate the code

flutter packages pub run build_runner build 

##3. Stagging VS Production For Production specify otaStringProdEnv as true variable on when you run your Flutter project

flutter run --dart-define=otaStringProdEnv=true

Check Example project for more detail