OSRM Dart Client (Documentation inProgress)

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This package is the OSRM client for Dart and Flutter. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for communicating with an OSRM server and retrieving routing and other information.

and of course, because it's written in Dart, it can be used in any platform that supports Dart.


To use this package, simply add it to your pubspec.yaml file: dependencies: osrm:


To use the OSRM client, first create an instance of the OSRM class:

Simple use

nearest service

NearestResponse response = await osrm.nearest(
    coordinate: (-0.1234, 51.1234),
    number: 3

routing (directions in GoogleMap) service

final route = await osrm.route(
    coordinates: [
      (-0.1234, 51.1234), // Point A
      (-0.1234, 51.1234), // Point B
      (-0.1234, 51.1234), // Point C
    alternatives: OsrmAlternative.true_,
    steps: true,
    annotations: OsrmAnnotation.true_,
    overview: OsrmOverview.full,
    continueStraight: OsrmContinueStraight.true_,
    format: OsrmFormat.json,
    waypoints: [
      /// Waypoints are listed in order of visit
        distance: 0.0,
        location: (-0.1234, 51.1234),

this package under development.


  • x add Nearest service
  • x add Nearest service tests
  • x add Route service
  • x add Route service tests
  • x add dart example
  • x add flutter example
  • add Match service
  • add Table service
  • add trip service
  • add Tile service
  • integrate with flutter ()


any contrubutions/support are welcome :)

Contact me:

Github: @mohamadlounnas

Linkedin: @mohamadlounnas


This file contains the full SDK for Project-OSRM in Dart.