Org Mode widgets for Flutter.


For parsing Org Mode documents, see org_parser. For an example application that displays Org Mode documents with org_parser and org_flutter, see Orgro.

The simplest way to display an Org Mode document in your Flutter application is to use the Org widget:

import 'package:org_flutter/org_flutter.dart';

class MyOrgViewWidget extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Org('''* TODO [#A] foo bar
baz buzz''');

See the example for more.

Rich text

Use Org markup to create rich Text-equivalent widgets with OrgText.

OrgText('*This* is a /rich/ text label ([[][details]])')


For more advanced usage, such as specifying link handling, use OrgController in concert with OrgRootWidget:

import 'package:org_flutter/org_flutter.dart';

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  final doc = OrgDocument.parse(rawOrgModeDocString);
  return OrgController(
    root: doc,
    child: OrgRootWidget(
      style: myTextStyle,
      onLinkTap: launch, // e.g. from url_launcher package
      child: OrgDocumentWidget(doc),

Place OrgController higher up in your widget hierarchy and access via OrgController.of(context) to dynamically control various properties of the displayed document:

  icon: const Icon(Icons.repeat),
  onPressed: OrgController.of(context).cycleVisibility,

Text selection

The Org Mode text is not selectable by default, but you can make it so by wrapping the widget in SelectionArea.