Plugin to get address using location name or using latitude & longitude

How to use

Get address using name

void getAddressWithName() async {
    List<GeoData> addressesList =
        await OpenGeocoder.getAddressesWithName(name: 'Punjab');
    if (addressesList.isNotEmpty) {
      debugPrint('Name: ${addressesList[0].displayName}');
 getAddressWithLatLang() async {
    GeoLatLang? geoLatLang = await OpenGeocoder.getAddressWithLatLong(
        latitude: 42.1822177, longitude: 2.4890211);
    if(geoLatLang != null){
      Address address = geoLatLang.address!;
      debugPrint('Name: ${!}, Street: ${address.road}');

Getting Started

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