addResponse method Null safety

void addResponse(
  1. int statusCode,
  2. APIResponse response

Adds response to responses, merging schemas if necessary.

response will be added to responses for the key statusCode.

If a response already exists for this statusCode, response's content and headers are added to the list of possible content and headers for the existing response. Descriptions of each response are joined together. All headers are marked as optional..


void addResponse(int statusCode, APIResponse response) {
  responses ??= {};

  final key = "$statusCode";

  final existingResponse = responses![key];
  if (existingResponse == null) {
    responses![key] = response;

  existingResponse.description =
      "${existingResponse.description ?? ""}\n${response.description}";
  response.headers?.forEach((name, header) {
    existingResponse.addHeader(name, header);
  response.content?.forEach((contentType, mediaType) {
    existingResponse.addContent(contentType, mediaType.schema!);