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This is a one click login plug-in for alicloud number authentication service As other functions of the project use alicloud services, Alibaba cloud is also used in the one click login function, which is conducive to better maintenance in the later stage. This plug-in is free, open source and highly customized. If you have any problems in use, you are welcome to give feedback. If you feel that this plug-in is not good enough, you can provide your valuable opinions, If you want to customize in your own project, please modify the clone of this plug-in locally. However, you are welcome to release other versions of plug-ins after modifying through this plug-in, However, when using or referring to the ideas or related contents of this plug-in, < H3 > < b > please indicate the source and link to this plug-in. Thank you for your cooperation.

Since the front-end configuration parameters are used from 0.0.6, the modifications are relatively large. If you do not want to modify them, do not upgrade them to avoid unnecessary trouble

platform support
Android YES

code click response

响应码 响应码描述
700000 点击返回按钮,⽤户取消免密登录(android 物理按钮/虚拟返回按钮暂未实现)请自行使用flutter替代
700001 点击切换按钮,⽤户取消免密登录
700002 点击登录按钮事件
700003 点击check box事件
700004 点击协议富⽂本⽂字事件
700005 点击点击第三方按钮事件


matters needing attention

1、 针对移动闪退问题: 在示范工程,pods -> TARGETS -> ali_auth -> Build Settings -> Linking -> Other Linker Flags 里面加上 -ObjC(因为AuthSDK是通过pod依赖进去的,所有对应的target里面要加这个配置,不然移动网络会crash) 如下图所示:

2、该插件已添加ATAuthSDK.framework,在编译时请勿将ATAuthSDK.framework重复添加,以免出现未知错误 如下图所示添加的为错误操作

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Stargazers over time