OneSignal API

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This Dart package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

  • API version: 1.0.1
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.DartClientCodegen For more information, please visit


Dart 2.12 or later

Installation & Usage

  one_signal_api: ^1.0.0

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

import 'package:one_signal_api/api.dart';

// TODO Configure HTTP Bearer authorization: app_key
// Case 1. Use String Token
// Case 2. Use Function which generate token.
// String yourTokenGeneratorFunction() { ... }

final api_instance = DefaultApi();
final appId = appId_example; // String | 
final notificationId = notificationId_example; // String | 

try {
    final result = api_instance.cancelNotification(appId, notificationId);
} catch (e) {
    print('Exception when calling DefaultApi->cancelNotification: $e\n');

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
DefaultApi cancelNotification DELETE /notifications/{notification_id} Stop a scheduled or currently outgoing notification
DefaultApi createApp POST /apps Create an app
DefaultApi createNotification POST /notifications Create notification
DefaultApi createPlayer POST /players Add a device
DefaultApi createSegments POST /apps/{app_id}/segments Create Segments
DefaultApi deletePlayer DELETE /players/{player_id} Delete a user record
DefaultApi deleteSegments DELETE /apps/{app_id}/segments/{segment_id} Delete Segments
DefaultApi exportPlayers POST /players/csv_export?app_id={app_id} CSV export
DefaultApi getApp GET /apps/{app_id} View an app
DefaultApi getApps GET /apps View apps
DefaultApi getNotification GET /notifications/{notification_id} View notification
DefaultApi getNotificationHistory POST /notifications/{notification_id}/history Notification History
DefaultApi getNotifications GET /notifications View notifications
DefaultApi getOutcomes GET /apps/{app_id}/outcomes View Outcomes
DefaultApi getPlayer GET /players/{player_id} View device
DefaultApi getPlayers GET /players View devices
DefaultApi updateApp PUT /apps/{app_id} Update an app
DefaultApi updatePlayer PUT /players/{player_id} Edit device
DefaultApi updatePlayerTags PUT /apps/{app_id}/users/{external_user_id} Edit tags with external user id

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: HTTP Bearer authentication


  • Type: HTTP Bearer authentication