one_logger is a simple yet powerful logging package that outputs logs in a single line format [date level module msg]. With ANSI support, it enhances the readability of logs in your console.


  • Single line logging: Each log is output in a single line, with a timestamp, log level, module, and message.
  • ANSI support: Logs are colored based on their log level, making them easier to distinguish in the console.
  • Customizable: Various options allow you to customize the logging behavior to suit your needs.
  • Loki Support: Push logs to Loki.


First, create a Logger instance:

const logger = Logger();
const logger = Logger(
    service: "your_service_name",
    defaultModule: "default_module_name",
    lokiOptions: LokiOptions(lokiUrl: "your_loki_url"),
    options: LoggerOptions(),
    filter: DevelopmentLoggerFilter(),

If Loki is configured, call startLoki() before using the logger:


And make sure to call disposeLoki() when you're done with the logger:


You can then log messages using the Logger methods:

logger.trace("This is a trace log");"This is an info log");
logger.warn("This is a warn log");
logger.error("This is an error log");
logger.debug("This is a debug log");


  • LokiOptions: Configuration options for Loki, a horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system.

  • LoggerOptions: Options for configuring the logger, including styles for each log level and whether to enable ANSI.

  • LoggerFilter: Abstract class representing a filter that determines whether a log of a particular level should be printed or pushed.

  • DevelopmentLoggerFilter: Logger filter suitable for development environments.

  • ProductionLoggerFilter: Logger filter suitable for production environments.

  • Logger: The main logger class. Provides methods for logging messages of different levels.

  • ansiPrint: Function to print a log with ANSI color codes.


You can customize the logger's behavior by providing your own LoggerOptions and LoggerFilter when creating the Logger. This allows you to control aspects such as the colors of the logs, whether to enable ANSI, and which logs should be printed or pushed.


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