A backend for the official flutter video_player based on omxplayer and platform views.

Note this only works on a Raspberry Pi with flutter-pi and omxplayer installed, not on any other platform, even though though platform tags of the package seem to suggest otherwise.

Example usage

To use this package in your app, execute OmxplayerVideoPlayer.useAsImplementation() in main, before the runApp call. Ideally you only do this when you're sure the platform code is present. You can check that using OmxplayerVideoPlayer.isPlatformSidePresent().

Example code:

void main() {
    if (OmxplayerVideoPlayer.isPlatformSidePresent()) {

Then you just use the widgets/classes of the official video_player package. chewie might or might not work. It draws multiple video views when going into fullscreen mode, which is hard to do with omxplayer. (You can't tell omxplayer to draw two views)