Okto Wallet SDK Documentation

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Welcome to the Okto Wallet SDK documentation. This SDK provides a comprehensive set of functionalities to integrate Okto Wallet services into your Flutter applications.

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to set up and use the SDK in your Flutter project.


Add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:



final okto = Okto('your_client_api_key');


  • Authenticate with Google Sign-In Authenticate a new user using the ID token received from Google Sign-In. final auth = await okto.authenticate(idToken: idToken);

    after authenticating we have to call the set pin method.
    `final setPin = await okto.setPin(pin: '123453');`
     and that's it...
  • Authenticate with User ID and JWT Token await okto.authenticateWithUserId(userId: userId, jwtToken: jwtToken);

User Detials

  • Get the user details final user = await okto.userDetails();

Wallet Management

  • Create a new wallet for the user: final userWallet = await okto.createWallet();

  • Get the user wallets: final userWallets = await okto.getWallets();

Supported Networks and Tokens

  • Get Supported Networks final supportedNetworks = await okto.supportedNetworks();

    • Get Supported Tokens final supportedTokens = await okto.supportedTokens(); You can provide optional parameters like page and size.

User Portfolio

  • Get the user portfolio final userPortfolio = await okto.userPortfolio();

  • Get the user portfolio activity. final userPortfolioActivity = await okto.getUserPortfolioActivity(); You can providen optional parameters like limit and offset.

Token Transfer

  • Transfer Tokens Transfer tokens from one wallet to another.

    final transferToken = await okto.transferToken(
    networkName: networkName,
    tokenAddress: tokenAddress,
    quantity: quantity,
    recipientAddress: recipientAddress,
  • Transfer NFT Transfer an NFT.

    final transferNft = await okto.transferNft(
    operationType: operationType,
    networkName: networkName,
    collectionAddress: collectionAddress,
    collectionName: collectionName,
    quantity: quantity,
    recipientAddress: recipientAddress,
    nftAddress: nftAddress,


Order Management

  • Get order history: final orderHistory = await okto.orderHistory() You can provide optional parameters like: - Offset - limit - orderId - orderState

  • Get order details for an NFT. final orderDetailsNft = await okto.orderDetailsNft(); You can provide optional parameters like: - page - size - orderId - orderState

Raw Transactions

  • Execute Raw Transaction
    final rawTransaction =  await okto.rawTransactionExecute(
    networkName: networkName,
    transaction: transaction

Network Names: "APTOS", "BASE", "POLYGON", "POLYGON_TESTNET_AMOY", "SOLANA", "SOLANA_DEVNET", transaction = The revelant transaction object of the network

  • Raw Transaction Status: final rawTransactionStatus = await okto.rawTransactionStatus(orderId: orderId);

orderId that we get from the rawTransaction object.

UI Components

  • Open Bottom Sheet await okto.openBottomSheet(context: context);

    This opens up a okto widget inside a bottom sheet of your flutter app.

    You can customize all of these, according to your needs.

    textPrimaryColor: textPrimaryColor,
    textSecondaryColor: textSecondaryColor,
    textTertiaryColor: textTertiaryColor,
    accentColor: accentColor,
    accent2Color: accent2Color,
    strokBorderColor: strokBorderColor,
    strokDividerColor: strokDividerColor,
    surfaceColor: surfaceColor,
    backgroundColor: backgroundColor,