Odoo Provider Builder

Since it's too much writing to implement IOdooModel using odoo_provider, i develop this package. So, writing model will become easily.

Please add this package as dev dependency to your project


  1. Create your model with structure like following example: user.dart
import 'package:odoo_provider/odoo_provider.dart';

part 'user.g.dart'; //this is required

@OdooModel(className: "User", tableName: "res.users", columns: [
  DbColumn(name: "id", type: int),
  DbColumn(name: "login", type: String),
  DbColumn(name: "name", type: String)
void _;
  1. and then run following command:
flutter pub run build_runner build

if above command run successfully, you'll see file user.g.dart

if you want to know more about above command, you can checkout at source_gen


You can checkout folder in example\test