Client constructor Null safety

  1. Credentials _credentials,
  2. {String? identifier,
  3. String? secret,
  4. CredentialsRefreshedCallback? onCredentialsRefreshed,
  5. bool basicAuth = true,
  6. Client? httpClient}

Creates a new client from a pre-existing set of credentials.

When authorizing a client for the first time, you should use AuthorizationCodeGrant or resourceOwnerPasswordGrant instead of constructing a Client directly.

httpClient is the underlying client that this forwards requests to after adding authorization credentials to them.

Throws an ArgumentError if secret is passed without identifier.


    CredentialsRefreshedCallback? onCredentialsRefreshed,
    bool basicAuth = true,
    http.Client? httpClient})
    : _basicAuth = basicAuth,
      _onCredentialsRefreshed = onCredentialsRefreshed,
      _httpClient = httpClient ?? http.Client() {
  if (identifier == null && secret != null) {
    throw ArgumentError('secret may not be passed without identifier.');