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An overlaid content, which closes itself into opening place (on back button) or into the position where the pointer contacted the screen. It means, popup supports tap gesture!


First of all, you need to install the package.

The second step is to create a popup. I recommend to use OPopupTrigger class in order to simply create the popup as in the example. It pushes OPopupOverlay widget into Navigation stack, thus a user can dismiss the popup by back button or by tapping anywhere on a screen. In the OPopupTrigger class you can also set barrierDismissible to false (to prevent dismissing popup by taping anywhere) and for example create a button, which pops the popup from Navigator stack (Navigator.of(context).pop()) in order to close the popup - like buttons in the example.


If you do not want to use OPopupContent class as a content of a popup triggered by OPopupTrigger you should skip popupHeader and popupActionRow fields and set your own widget to popupContent field. It gives you an ability to fully customize the content of the popup: size, alignment etc.

You can also overwrite OPopupContent (create a class which extends OPopupContent), customize it inside your own class and set your version of OPopupContent to OPopupTrigger.popupContent (also do not set popupHeader and popupActionRow in order to omit original OPopupContent).


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Commercial Use

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An API, which gives ability to create simple or complicated popups, which supports gestures.