Flutter package to interact with nymea network manager in BT BLE

More info on nymea network manager on their repo https://github.com/nymea/nymea-networkmanager


This package is using flutter_blue to manage BLE connection. Be sure to check their repo to configure Bluetooth permissions.

Create an instance of NymeaNetworkManager:

final nymea = NymeaNetworkManager();

You can customize advertisingName if needed, by default it's BT WLAN setup.

You can also enable logs during development with enableLogs field.


Search and connect to a remote device

await nymea.connect();

It will search and connect a device who advertise advertisingName configured previously.

If not device found a NoDeviceException will be thrown.

Get remote device available network

final networks = await nymea.getNetworks();

Connect the remote device to a network

You can connect to a visible network or an hidden one.

For a visible one do:

await nymea.connectNetwork(ssid, password);

For a hidden one do:

await nymea.connectHiddenNetwork(ssid, password);

Get remote device network information

final info = await nymea.getConnection();

Disconnect remote device from network

await nymea.disconnectNetwork();

Disconnect from remote device

await nymea.disconnect();