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Routing and Navigation package.

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Nuvigator provides a powerful routing abstraction over Flutter's own Navigators. Model complex navigation flows using a mostly declarative and concise approach, without needing to worry about several tricky behaviors that Nuvigator handles for you.

Nuvigator can help you with:

  • Large/Modular Apps: Where you need to have an unified API to able to register routes and design relationship between them
  • Nested Navigation: When you want to have nested/children Navigator inside your app, creating the concept of self contained flows
    • Handles Navigation thought Nuvigator ins your Widget Tree, not need to know where your route is declared
    • Handles pop behavior when a nested Navigator reaches it's end, is able to transparently forward pop results into underlying caller, provider helpers to deal with nested navigation
    • Handles Hero animation/transition between nested Navigators
    • Handles Android back button correctly on nested Navigators
    • Improve support for nested PageRoutes with NuvigatorPageRoute mixin
  • Using DeepLinks: You want to navigate inside your App using DeepLinks, with support for Path Parameters and Query Parameters
  • A declarative, easy to use API to declare and compose Routes together

For the NEXT API Documentation

Focus on providing a more flexible, easier and dynamic API for declaring Navigation and Routing

For the Legacy API Documentation

An API that is based on static typed methods and generators. It's considered deprecated and will eventually be removed

Quick Start

The simplest you can get:

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      title: 'Nuvigator App',
      builder: Nuvigator.routes(
        initialRoute: 'home',
        routes: [
          NuRouteBuilder(path: 'home', builder: (_, __, ___) => HomeScreen()),
          NuRouteBuilder(path: 'second', builder: (_, __, ___) => SecondScreen()),

A more complete example:

import 'package:nuvigator/next.dart'; // import the next file instead of `nuvigator.dart`
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

// Define a new NuRoute
class MyRoute extends NuRoute {
  String get path => 'my-route';

  ScreenType get screenType => materialScreenType;

  Widget build(BuildContext context, NuRouteSettings settings) {
    return MyScreen(
      onClick: () =>'next-route'),

// Define your NuRouter
class MyRouter extends NuRouter {
  String get initialRoute => 'my-route';

  List<NuRoute> get registerRoutes => [

// Render
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Nuvigator(
    router: MyRouter(),


Apache License 2.0