an numeric Keyboard Layout supports english and arabic digits


  • Documented:** each property has a code documentation
  • Languages:** supports English and Arabic Digits
  • Flexibility:** smooth and flexible to modify anything


Parameter Default Description
onType required Callback when number pressed .
mainAxisAlignment MainAxisAlignment.spaceBetween for spacing horizontal .
padding horizontal = 30 padding over the whole layout .
leftWidget null the widget at the left of the 0 .
rightWidget null the widget at the right of the 0 .
highlightColor Color(0xFFC9C9C9) on Holding press any number.
runSpace 40 spacing vertical .
numberStyle null custom number style
radius 45 radius for the shape of the number .
arabicDigits false Displays arabic digits if equal true
returnItAsEnglish false it returns the digits as english even it's arabic digits .


   arabicDigits: true,
   onType: (value) {
     number += value;
     setState(() {});
   rightWidget: IconButton(
   icon: const Icon(Icons.backspace),
   onPressed: () {
   if (number.isNotEmpty) {
     number = number.substring(0, number.length - 1);
      setState(() {});

also you can find The sample code under the example package.