Numpad Widget for Pin Input. Feel free to make pull requests and drop suggestions ✌️ .

Param Required Default Type Description
onTap null Function (int) Triggerred when number is tapped
mainAxisSpacing null double Main Axis Spacing
crossAxisSpacing null double Cross Axis Spacing
clearIcon Icons.backspace Icon Icon for clear or delete
themeColor Colors.grey Color theme color
textStyle -- TextStyle Style for Number Text
numItemDecoration -- Decoration Decoration for number item or button
buttonSize 30.0 double Size of button container
backgroundColor Colors.white Color Color for NumPad background
iconSize 30.0 double Size of Country Flag on Input Label

How To Use

  1. Import the package

    import 'package:numpad/numpad.dart';
  2. Provide at least the required params

         onTap: (val) {
         if (val == 99) {
             if (code.isNotEmpty) {
             setState(() {
                 code = code.substring(0, code.length - 1);
         } else {
             setState(() {
             code += "$val";