Convert numbers to words in English in Indian style. Can be very helpful in converting Indian currency to Indian rupees in words.


Covert num to String words in Indian style.

Getting started

add dependency to your pubspec.yaml file

  number_to_indian_words: ^1.0.1

import package in your dart file

import 'package:number_to_indian_words/number_to_indian_words.dart';


import 'package:number_to_indian_words/number_to_indian_words.dart';

void main() {
  print('123456789: ${NumToWords.convertNumberToIndianWords(123456789)}');
  /// result:
  /// 123456789: One Crore Twenty Three Lakh Forty Five Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Eight

  print('10000: ${NumToWords.convertNumberToIndianWords(10000)}');
  /// result:
  /// 10000: Ten Thousand

  print('10500: ${NumToWords.convertNumberToIndianWords(10500)}');
  /// result:
  /// 10500: Ten Thousand Five Hundred

  print('5479032: ${NumToWords.convertNumberToIndianWords(5479032)}');
  /// result:
  /// 5479032: Fifty Four Lakh Seventy Nine Thousand Thirty Two

  print('2420000: ${NumToWords.convertNumberToIndianWords(2420000)}');
  /// result:
  /// 5479032: Twenty Four Lakh Twenty Thousand