Testing the nature of a given integer number in Dart (Flutter) .

Test Types : 4

  1. Positive or Negative
  2. Palindrome or Not
  3. Prime or Composite
  4. Even or Odd

How To Use

Simply, import the plugin, copy the code used in number_test.dart into your main.dart or other file and change the number you want to test. You may simply copy the whole number_test.dart file or modify as per your need .
It has been tested for integer numbers as floats and other numbers may not pass most tests mentioned here .

To Be Noted

Test the numbers that are integer . Floating point values or others would be invalid in these tests . Change the value of $number variable after copying the number_test.dart's code and run the code .


// copy the code from number_test.dart into your main.dart or other file
// change this value to any integer that you want to test
var number = 12;

Developer Contribution

This plugin is developed by Farial Mahmod Tishan .